Israel - qbtrance Founder

Israel - qbtrance Founder

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Dharma Trance Festival 2018

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Cygnus X-1 (CX-1) is a galactic X-ray source in the constellation Cygnus, and the first such source widely accepted to be a black hole. It was discovered in 1964 during a rocket flight and is one of the strongest X-ray sources seen from Earth. In the picture, Throw3r (Sub Element Recordings, USA), CX-1 on the controls (qbtrance MX) and Unlimited (PsyNopticz Recs, South Africa).

Israel Morales also known as CX-1 is one of the newest Psytrance DJs in Colorado. Founder and CEO at he has been part of the psychedelic trance scene in Mexico for more than 12 years as event promoter.  
CX-1 is ready to drop some beats and show off his new found skills!

This is how Cygnus X-1looks like:


Colorado Psytrance Calendar 2018

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Here is the calendar for Colorado Psytrance on 2018

Organizer Event name Date Location Type


Rising Phoenix Psychedelic Szechuan 04/07/2018 Lincoln St. Denver


Qbtrance After Party  04/08/2018 Release Studio. Denver


 ? ? 04/20/2018 ? ?  
Rising Phoenix Psychedelic Szechuan 05/05/2018 Lincoln St. Denver. Indoor  
Qbtrance After Party 05/06/2018 Release Studio. Denver. Indoor  
Rocky Mountain Resonance Impulse 06/01/2018 TBA - Colorado. Outdoor  
Rithm spell Apogaea-Psytrance Camp 06/08-10/2018 TBA - Colorado. Outdoor  
Qbtrance Supernova II 08/04/2018 TBA - Colorado. Outdoor  




Schizophrenia Psytrance After Party Denver CO

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Qbtrance and Reslease Studio presentan:
Schizophrenia Psytrance After Party


Denver CO