Shake – Redemption

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Shake – Redemption

Label: TesseracTstudio
Release date: 2017-07-31
Genre: Progressive Trance


01. Shake – Redemption (07:22)
02. Shake & Magnus – Modifier (08:36)
03. Shake – Crystal Clear (09:40)
04. Shake – Interval (06:56)
05. Shake & Tresde – Matching Colors (06:28)
06. Shake & Twonezero – Legacy (08:43)
07. Shake – Preda2r (Album Mix) (07:41)
08. Jaia – Mai Mai (Shake Remix) (08:42)
09. Shake – Concious Activation (07:09)
10. Shake – Ascending (06:41)

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TesseracTstudio is extremelly proud to present brand new studio album of super talented Mexican artist Shake. Shake brings you the fresh new ideas and exciting melodic structures which reflect life itself. And as a famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once upon a time said: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” And in today’s world, life is extremely fast and challenging. There is something happening where the Earth itself is going through an evolutionary process. World has changed dramatically and humanity is under high pressure: big corporations, global warming, pollution, conflicts, politics. We are overloaded with information and pressure from media and society. We need a “Redemption”. Dive into the Shake’s world of pumping basslines and utopian melodies and let him be your reality „Modifier”. Close your eyes and let Shake lead you to a new dimensions with his mystical melodies and energetic basslines. In very short „Interval” you’ll escape form everyday’s challenges and jump into a new, better, colorful world, where you can see the music and hear the colors. Your mind will finally be „Crystal Clear”. Activate your consciousness and join mass spiritual awakening across the whole planet. Join the Shake’s world, a stomping musical groove which has made the dance floor Shake and tremble all around the globe. Without music, life would be a mistake. Get Redemption, get new album from Shake.

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