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Cyberattack [Qbtrance Recs | HardPsy Recs]

Israel Morales is the person behind the psytrance project Cyberattack. Owner and Co-founder at and qbtrance records.

Israel has been part of the Psytrance community in Mexico for more than 15 years. Born and raised in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. Currently living in Denver Colorado, USA where he is running qbtrance USA.

He had his first burn experience at Apogaea 2017 in Colorado, USA. At Apogaea we were faced with a problem, we didn't have enough Psytrance Djs! it was an emergency! and Israel took it to heart. He set his mind to it and by the the time Apogaea rolled around again the next year not only was he a fantastic Dj but he had already headlined at out of state events and built a solid reputation. This is the kind of spirit he has.

Cyberttack is currently working on new original tracks that he will present soon to the public. You can check out his DJ sets and his new songs on his sound cloud:

V-Morning (Psytrance VA Compilation).
Compiled by Cyberattack and Electric Ganesh Order.

Download V-Morning Psytrance Compilation, click here. (Yes, it's free)

Israel has presented the project Cyberattack in various scenarios:

* Psytrance for President. Denver CO. (The BEhive) May 15th-16th 2020
* Colorado Burnal Equinox 2020 After Party (CBE) March 21st-22nd
* Cosmic Fields - Lakeland Florida. (The Chilluminati) Feb 14th-17th 2020
* Massive Frequencies - Houston TX. (Dimensionl Mayan Tribe) Feb 1st-2nd 2020
* Geologic 2019 - Water Mountain, Belle Missouri. (Chilluminati)
* Freedom Fighters - Houston TX (Hardpsy HTX)
* Native Circuit 2019, Taos New Mexico. (Native Circuit & Rhythm Spell)
* Supernova 3 - Idaho Springs, CO. (Qbtrance)
* Mayan Transmutation - Houston TX (DMT)
* Metachromatism - Idaho Springs CO. (Camp BE)
* Soulstyce - Taos New Mexico.
* Burning FlipSide - Austin TX. (Camp BE)
* Supernova 2 - Denver Colorado. (Qbtrance)
* Geologic 2018 - Water Mountain, Belle Missouri. (The Chilluminati)
* Oceano Astral - Austin TX (FYB)








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Optimize | Planet BEN

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UNSTABLE | Magma records/MEX

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