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Cosmic Coral Reef - Denver CO

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qbtrance and Release Studio present:

CCR - Cosmic Coral Reef.

December 9th 2017

In the beginning of the winter in Colorado when its cold and frozen, we bring to you sun shine and some of the best Psytrance in the USA.
Just as if you where swimming in a Coral Reef and dancing in the tides.

1AM - 6AM - BYOB



Qbtrance and Release Studio present:
Cosmic Coral Reef – Psytrance Party
Denver, CO Saturday December 9th 2017
[1201 Santa Fe Dr, Suite D 80204 Denver]



*** CORAL [Reversible Records] Seattle USA ***


Coral is a psytrance producer & DJ hailing from the USA.

In 1999 Coral began her DJing journey when introduced to the irresistible sounds of psytrance. Her
insatiable appetite, energy and joy of the music has naturally evolved into the world of production. Coral
plays international parties and festivals, delighting fans with a captivating energy all her own.


*** Ascella  [Plush Industries] WI USA ***


With a focus on morning sounds, Ascella (Plush Industries), strives to take her audience on a mindrevealing
journey through the use of enlivening music and eclectic sounds. Her sets are constructed
around her love and study of astrology, as she draws on inspiration from current astrological transits to
allow her dance floor to experience and connect with the energies surrounding them. Through her music,
she hopes to invoke emotion and connected-ness through dance to oneself and one another, and to
weave together a story to which her listeners can relate.


*** Emily Skyrocker [Digital Nature Records] CO USA ***