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Z-CAT - Exclusive for qbtrance

1. Why did you picked Z-CAT as your DJ name?

I took this name because of several reasons, first - by one of the mayan calendars i am a wild cat, and hell, yeah, i love cats! I believe, their character reflects my personality, they are so graceful, independent, intelligent and beautiful, and in the same time they are so dumb, crazy and super funny! “Z” is the last letter of alphabet, so it means the last one, kinda last cat !)) And also in my name there is a rhyme : Z-CAT must be pronounced like “Zet-Ket“ because in original english alphabet this letter is pronounced like ZED. But somehow.. most of the world calls me Zi.. hehehe, anyway, it’s not how it was originally created.

2. How do you start to get involved in the scene?

Like everyone else - i just came to my first psytrance open air, and i completely fell in love with this music and movement.

3. How did you beginning in the music, your first memories?

in the beginning i was just a dj, i was 18 and i used to play only dark, i thought it was a great contrast between me (little girl) and the rigid stuff that i used to play!)) Then several years later, i decided to start making my own music with a special conception, of combining quite hard punchy rhythms and sawing sounds with some thin vocals. And it wasn’t dark anymore actually, it was a weird fusion which was interesting and kinda outstanding.

4. What artists influenced your life?

I loved Terranoise so much, he was the one who started combining dark sounds and flowing melodies with bunch of crunch! he influenced me a lot. Another my favourite artist was Khopat, he had all his tracks hits ! he was my idol for a long time! Now its hard to say who is my favorite, there are too many artists that have some tracks - bombs!

5. How would you describe the music?

My music is stories of my life, if you dig any track is there is a certain message! my unique thing, i believe, is my voice, that i use in every track!

6. What do you think of current music (Psychedelic trance)?

Everything is developing, and psytrance too, now it has been splitted on so many styles, before it was just psychedelic trance, and no sub genres. But every level has its pluses! i like the way its now, and i’m looking forward to see what’s waiting for us in the future!))

8. What was the event that leaves to you a great memory?

The most amazing event that impressed me much it was in South Africa by Vortex, so beautiful crowd, so friendly, not even one little piece of trash on the floor, people going around bare foot. everything was organized so well, just superior level. and Free Earth in Greece, it was so incredibly hot, but there was a lovely cover above the dace floor, and sprays all around, so if you want to escape the heat, there is only one place - Dancefloor!! and it was an amazing uniting thing!)

9. What is it that you prepare us now?

i have released 2 EPs in 2015, 1. Elucidate 2. Endless Elevation VS Mind Pirates

its more flowing more psychedelic, made with a big inspiration, full of soul and emotions.

10. What do you think about the current electronic scene in Mexico?

MEXICO i love because of its energy and good feedback from the crowd! i like it, its always full of people, always massive events! because there people are coming to have party, and not like in some other countries, you barely can hear some scream or whistle, sometimes the dance floor can be quite calm! in Mexico its always full blasting!)

11. Do you want to send some message to the DJanes ranging beginning?

well, the only thing i would suggest, its just to follow your heart, and not give up! if you really want to become a dj and you love music, be yourself, and get inspiration from everything thats surrounds you! And you will find million opportunities to make your dream come true

12. What would you recommend to improve the electronic scene in our country?

Actually its all about event organizations! if you come to the party which is perfectly organized, you get best joy and impression , you always want to come over and over again and call all your friends!! Then after successful events, promoters can involve more in

14. Is there some advantage or disadvantage to be a Producer / woman in the electronic scene?

The advantage is that there are very few girls really producers, and its valuable! Disadvantage is that when you start having success, there appears too many haters, and they spread dirty rummers around, they are chasing you and waiting for your fails, and even if you don't fail, then they create it anyway and spread it around! they cant believe that girls can worth something and can do things themselves! and that's why we always have to prove the opposite every single time! but it only make us stronger!

Interview by: Erik Muñoz.

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