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1.- When and what exactly motivated you to become a music producer?

In 1999 i started to produce electronic music .
With a lot of releases in different genres.
As Hi Profile i have started in 2010.
The plan was to be a hobby .. :)
The motivation was and is until today the same… I want through my melodies to
express my emotions & my feelings .


hehehehe. . .When i have started to produce ,friends told me that i’m too low profile as a character , and its hard to get involved in music industry.
So i name my project Hi Profile . . . :)

3.- How did you start getting involved into the rave environment?

In 1998 i went to an indoor trance party in Athens with some friends.
Astral Projection & Astrix was playing i think.
That was it …i was totally in love with the atmosphere and the music .
I said to my self …that one day i will start my own project !!!

4.- What artists you consider your major influences?

K.L.F in 1990 …was my first touch with the electronic sound.
Prodigy ,Daft Punk, Faithless …are some of the major influences until today.


5.- How do you describe your music and what is your current music gender?

In my 62 track discography ,you can find almost anything .
Soft and atmosphere tracks…tracks with drops good for the dancefloor.
All these types have something in common …melody !!!
As for my music gender…well i use to say that my music is ProGREECEve Trance :) . . .since i’m from Greece,and since
the word “music” derives from the ancient Greek word “μουσική - the art of the Muses”


6.- How do you describe your improvements during the last years?

I think i’m going good…
Trying to combine family life,with business trips with festivals & parties is hard.
But i believe now i have found the balance that needed.
Producing is going good…lot of remixes,co-ops,and albums the last 3-4 years.
Also some new tracks is coming on 2016… so i believe i am in rising progress!!!

7.- What do you want to transmit when you're performing?

All i want is to make people smile & dancing .
I make music for them …and for them only.


8.- What do you think about the current music?

I enjoy to see a lot of new artists coming to our Progressive Trance music.
Lot of new labels…also.
All this combination gives many options for the people to hear different styles of progressive.
Also most of the line up in every festival is covered 70% from Progressive Trance acts.
Progressive is the last 3-4 years in the No.1 place for our genre.
Big open also with Armin’s Van Buuren interest of Liquid Soul,Coming Soon,Vini Vici ..and many more artists in Tomorrowland and A State Of Trance .

9.- What do you think about the Mexico electronic scenario?

Mexico was always one of the biggest stages worldwide for electronic music espessialy in psychedelic scene.
Mexico has serious & very professional agencies , like mine “Om Agency”
Mexico has very talented artists & djs …like Unstable,Mandragora,Audiophonic and many more…
Has huge festivals,small indoor and outdoor parties…
And finally Mexico has …LOCO AMIGOS …one of the best in the world!!!
So Mexico’s electronic scenario goes for an OSCAR !!

10.- What are your projects ALTERNATE?

i don’t have …

11.- What festival have left you a great memory on you?

Almost in every festival i have great memories to remember.
Great experiences in Germany in Brasil in Switzerland…and many others.
One particular though has a different place in my heart .
Atmosphere Festival 2015 … 1:30 live set with everybody screaming and dancing,and when i finished ,people came to me for photos & autographs . More than 100 people .
And that was something unique for me :)


12.- If you were not musician what you think you would you be doing instead?

Prime minister of Greece !!!


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Interview by: Erik Muñoz.

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