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ENTREVISTA - PAINKILLER - Exclusive for qbtrance

1. When and what exactly motivated you to become a music producer?
I Started to learn music since I was 7 , Piano few years and than Drums, So for me music was always the center of life and after I played instrumental it all became electronic.

2. How did you choose you’re A.K.A (PAINKILLER)?
I chose Painkiller from the dictionary while looking for a cool name.

3. How did you start getting involved into the rave environment?
Rave ? u mean Party ?  well I guess it’s the other normal side of music producer because after you write your music you better preform with it .

4. What artists you consider your major influences along your career?
My influences at the beginning were “Pink Floyd”, “The Prodigy”, “Chemical Brothers”, “Jean Michel Jar”, “Astral Projection”, “Union Jack”, “Shakta”.

5. How do you describe your music and your current music gender?
My main genre is Psychedelic Trance, and I like to write groovy intense serious melodic stuff so people can dive into the music.

6. How do you describe your improvements during the last years?
I think my improvement was to keep my original style and produce more interesting tracks with authentic flavor’s and real studio recordings.

7. What do you want to transmit when you're performing?
I Like to share my music with the people on the Dance floor and to transmit my energy through Sound.

8. What do you think about the current electronic music and what do
you expect for the future of the same?
I Think Electronic music is evolving too fast , everybody wants “TO BE” bigger and better and faster and than we have to listen to a lot of “music” without Music in it .

9. What do you think about the Mexico electronic scenario?
I think Mexican electronic scene is very big and also a bit confused from too many genres and possibilities 

10. Do you have any alternative musical projects?
Yes, I have another trance project called “A-Team” And I make also Chill-out Music and some tech house.

11. What festival has left you a great memory on you?
Best festivals I played in were Hadra (France), Rezonance (South Africa),Playground (Brazil), Atmosphere (Mexico), Nagisa (Japan), and more…

12. If you were not musician what you think you would you be doing instead?
a chef ! (cook)

13. What’s your favorite hobby besides making music?
Besides making music I work with artists and I run a record label.

14. Do you have message to your Mexican fans?
Me gusta mucho Mexico ! (Me encanta la comida Mexicana tambien)

15. Please list all your social networks where your fans can follow you.
on my website you have all the info and my own “Painkiller Music” for free download (descarga gratuita)

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