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MAD MAXX - Exclusive for qbtrance

1.- When and what exactly motivated you to become a music producer?
I started as a Dj in 1996, in California, after having opened the first psy trance shop in
california USA. My father is a musician and we started to make my first track together in
his studio. I then joined forces with Samy from CPU and Nikka from Mekkanikka to make
a project called Biodegradable in 1999.

2.- Why MAD MAXX?
My name is Max, and i was born in 1979 which was the release of the first original Mad
Max movie. I always liked the concept of the movie and since my name was Max, it was
the perfect combo.

3.- How did you start getting involved into the rave environment?
I went to my first psy trance event in 1996 and was automatically pulled into the scene.
After opening the shop, i started making parties, and getting involved 100% with the
scene. It was my only purpose in life at the time, so i gave it all i had.

4.- What artists you consider your major influences?
First of all my dad, Jimi Hendrix, Pink floyd, all the 70’s psy rock stuff, Vangelis, all the
80’s synth music. In trance, my influences were GMS, Juno reactor, Darshan, most of
the late 90’s stuff. Astrix of course at the time, and a few others like Xerox and
Illumination and those types of artists.

5.- How do you describe your music and what is your current music gender?
My music is to be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. I would call it simply
psychedelic trance. I would’n t be able to classify it differently.

6.- How do you describe your improvements during the last years?
Improvements come with the years, and also with whom you have worked with. I always
learn new technics with other producer friends and watching tutorials. I think in the last
years, i ve perfected a certain sound which suits me very well, and now i know that when
someone listens to one of my tracks, they know it’s me. That is a great achievement for
me at this point.

7.- What do you want to transmit when you're performing?
When i play, i wish to transmit a sense of freedom and also want it to be a learning
experience for the listener. All my lifetime emotions are channeled into my music and
these emotions are usually universal, and can be understood by any human being on
the planet who is willing to understand them.

8.- What do you think about the current music?
Well current music is so varied now, that there is something for everyone to like. I’m
more into the style that i write because i like the bpm and the type of sounds used to
achieve a certain feeling which i can usually only get with the style i make.

I think as of now, there are too many artists thinking they are great, because the
technology of today has made it so easy to put a track together. But there is still a lot to
be said about experience!

9.- What do you think about the Mexico electronic scenario?
I ve spent a lot of time in Mexico, i ve lived there 5 years of my life. I know mexico very
well, and think there is a huge market and appreciation for what i do. Mexicans know
their trance and are aware of all the genres, unlike some other countries. The amount of
young crowd in Mexico is amazing, and i think it will remain one of the biggest scenes in
the world for many years.

11.- Do you have any alternative projects?
My other projects are Mad Tribe with Space Tribe, i also do Wild Monkeys with XSI and i
have my chill out project called The Bohemian.

12.- What festival have left you a great memory on you?
I would say the Boom Festival in Portugal and Burning Man in the USA. Both mind
blowing experiences.

13.- If you were not musician what you think you would you be doing instead?
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I would be a Shaolin Monk in China.

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